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Fingerstock Gasket
Fingerstock Gasket
Fingerstock Gasket
Fingerstock Gasket
Fingerstock Gasket
Product Specifications:

· Mounting options: stick-on, snap-on, clip-on, rivet,...

· Plating: bright and clean, tin-plated, nickel-plated, silver-plated, gold-plated...

· With RoHS compliance

· Material: Beryllium copper, stainless steel

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RF Shielded Fingerstock

Fingerstock gaskets are made of Beryllium Copper and for repeated opening and closing applications where mechanical strength is required. Our finger gasket meet RoHS compliant, and standard length is 406mm, also can cut to customized full-finger length, giving maximum spring properties and various mounting options,

Customized available.



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Becu fingerstock   EMI fingerstock   RF finger stock
Beryllium copper fingerstock   RF shielding finger strip   RF fingerstock



Fingerstock gasket   EMI finger gasket   Becu finger


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