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Power Line Filter
Power Line Filter
Power Line Filter
Power Line Filter
Product Specifications:

· Rated at DC-60Hz, also manufactured at a 400Hz version.

· Shielding effectiveness up to 40GHz 100dB.

· CE certification, RoHS compliance.

· Application: Microwave chamber, EMC chamber, EMC cabinet, RF shielded box...etc.

· Customized acceptable.

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Power line filter for shielded chamber:

Shield room filters can protect shield rooms from external electromagnetic interference.

We supply EMC filters with all parts required for installation (fixing screws, brass mesh,waveguide, Flange Gasket) and installation instructions. They are mounted directly onto the shielding wall and provide performance up to 100dB. Power line filter usually located at the power entry point of shield room, MRI room, EMC chamber, antenna chamber, EMC cabinet and other shield facilities. 

Customized specification acceptable.

All EMI filters with CE certification and RoHS compliance.


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