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RF Absorber
RF Absorber
RF Absorber
RF Absorber
RF Absorber
Product Specifications:

· Base size:500*500mm, 600*600mm, customized size accept.

· Meet fire retardancy requirement of NRL report 8093 I, II, and III.

· Material, shape and height vary according to customer requirements for absorption level.

· Easy Installation: glue, base panel and velcro.

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RF Absorber

RF absorbers can be used to reduce the reflection of electromagnetic waves in anechoic chambers and provide a more accurate understanding of the equipment under test.

EMCPIONEER supplies EMC&microwave absorber with high quality material. We have full line high performance RF absorber for anechoic chamber to help reduce unwanted RF reflection. 

Products range: high performance pyramidal absorber, microwave absorber, hybrid absorber, high power absorber, walkway absorber, flat absorber, truncated pyramidal absorber, mmwave absorber, painted absorber, moulded conductive polystyrene absorber,...etc.

Pyramidal RF absorber has excellent absorption over a broad frequency range. Height from 30mm to 1200mm. The size of the foam pyramid is the factor in determining the lowest useable frequency.

The high power absorbers are designed for high energy areas of chambers. The hollow structure can dissipate heat quickly.

Truncated absorber is similar to pyramidal absorber, but the tip of the pyramid has been truncated. It increase the usable space inside the anechoic chamber.

Hybrid RF absorbers are usually matched with ferrite tiles. For 3m, 5m, 10m EMC test chamber.

Polystyrene absorbing materials are manufactured in different sizes through molding process. It is lightweight, Fire retardant and easy to install with simple screws. And more environmentally friendly.

We can also customize shapes, sizes and colors. Kindly contact us for more information.


Pyramidal RF Absorber   Hybrid RF Absorber   Truncated Foam Absorber
Flat Foam Absorber   Polystyrene Absorber   Painted Absorber


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