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Power Filter
Power Filter
Power Filter
Power Filter
Power Filter
Power Filter
Product Specifications:

High Performance EMI Filters are widely used in RF Shielding Enclosure , Anechoic Chamer , MRI Cage etc.

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--Insertion loss up to 100dB from 14KHz to 40GHz
--Supper low leakage current at mA level
--Voltage drop is less than 1V
--Custom design acceptable



Rated Voltage For Two-Line Filters:
              Line To Line: 250V
Rated Voltage For Four-Line Filters:
              Line To Line: 440V
              Line To Ground: 250V
Rated Currents:
    Please Check Products Page(Referred to +40℃ ambienttemperature)
Operating Frequency: 50/60Hz
Test Voltage:
              Line To Line: 1000VDC/2S
              Line To Ground: 1000VDC/2S
Voltage Drop/Phase: <1V (Of VR at 50Hz and IR)
Leakage Current: Please Check Products Page(@400/230V and 50Hz)
Climatic Category: 25 / 070 / 21


Install Schematic Diagram:


Project Show :


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